Monday, April 02, 2007

Stuff 2

Took posession of the condo today. It's going to need some cleaning (ok, a LOT of cleaning), and for some reason the previous tenants left me with a lot of weird stuff. A brief inventory that I took while I was there checking things out:
-1 old Hoover vacuum (VERY used)
-three cans of house paint and various painting supplies
-1 cutting board, wood, HUGE
-1 quarter bag of frozen strawberries, age and quality dubious
-1 unopened pack of "feminine menstral cramp heating pads"...I think I may actually see how large they are, and in what shape...if the heating is decent enough, I may use them on my shoulder or knee when they get stiff (though I think I'll change the packaging)
-two tea-light candles in glass cubes filled with stones and Spanish moss
-one end table
-three Japanese hanging lanterns
-1 hanging line of star-lights (Christmas decorations gone wrong, I swear)
-1 bathroom scale
-1 bar of soap (VERY used)
-1 cannister of...some kind of facial cream (Neutragina or something like that)
-1 almost-done roll of toilet paper
-1 box of Kleenex
-2 mirrors, rectangular, aprox. 2-3 feet high by 1 foot wide
-1 travel mug, unopened in original packaging
-1 EXCEEDINGLY dirty stove (I swear to god, people, clean out your bloody appliances before you leave!)

God only knows who these people were, I never met them...but they cleared out in a right hurry! Didn't even do a quick clean of the stove, fridge, or floor. Ah well.

Mine now!


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