Tuesday, April 24, 2007

University Naming Conventions

It is my personal belief that all university buildings should be named after people. Preferably dead people. Preferably profs or prominent academics.

I should have classes in the...I dunno "[random geology prof] Hall", not the "Earth Sciences Building". I mean, I live in "Margaret Addison Hall" (the other residences on my campus being Annesley Hall, Burwash Hall, and Rowell-Jackman Hall). I love that word "Hall"...it just makes a building sound so...so UNIVERSITY, I guess. Then again, I grew up reading Gordan Korman's "MacDonald Hall" books (about a private boarding school for boys), so I guess I've always associated the word "Hall" with academia.

Similarly, words like "House", "Theater", "Institute", "Centre", and "Library" are all good suffixes for university buildings. You shouldn't call something a "[somethingorother] Building"...that's just frickin BORING. Its so modern and annoyingly utilitarian that it hurts.

That is all.



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