Monday, August 20, 2007

The Couch Really Is *THAT* Comfortable

I haven't really blogged about the couch before. Mind that I also haven't blogged in about two months.

Been in a weird headspace lately. Really lethargic. Finally came out of it a couple weeks ago, but My life is so terrible standard at the moment that I just can't find anything interesting to blog about, and no stories spring immediately to mind. Which tells me that I need to refocus on some things.

But anyway.

My couch has not been a topic of conversation before. It is a very, very nice couch. I believe the color is listed as "ox-blood", and its kind of a reddish-black. It reclines, and has built in foot rests. It lacks the fold down drinks tray that my mother and stepfather have in their "caravan" couch, however.

It is about 5'8" in actual seating length, with the arms themselves adding easily another 1'6" or so of length to it. Its a big couch. I've had naps on it before, but most often while sitting down.

Last night I actually was just so tired that I laid down on the couch at around 5am or so. SOOOOOO tired. Was out like a light. Woke up about 4 hours later. I was flabbergasted! Then I crawled into my actual bed...which is also VERY comfy (especially after 4 hours sleeping on the couch).

But seriously. The couch is THAT comfy. The arm rests make the perfect pillows. It is, indeed, a couch made for napping upon. And with a blanket over you, makes a dandy bed for people coming over.

My couch really is THAT comfortable. It rocks.


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Derek! Jamie here. I forgot your e-mail address so I'm contacting you here.

The Ellis MP3s you want are here:

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