Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Changing Face of Radio

So, as some folks know, I do a weekly 10 minute program over on Radio Dead Air entitled Epic Background Fail (a slightly out of date archive of which can be found over at my repository blog, The One Truth...which will get turned into something useful some day).

Well, Nash has found a glorious new way of broadcasting his show: Video! He has finally brought RDA into the 21st century, and I shall soon be joining him on that veritable virtual stage.

I'm still looking at getting the software together, but I have all the equipment I actually need to produce some relatively low quality videos of me for EBF segments. The advantage is that once I actually get all everything working, I can do *OTHER* v-logs...such as the previously mentioned "Beware the Leopard" (or whatever it'll end up being called), where I mercilessly rib on nonsensical works of fiction.

One other segment that will be appearing on RDA hopefully starting next week will be the audio adventures of Clint Corona (SPACE ADVENTURER!). I've dug back into science fiction lately with Sandy Mitchell's Ciaphas Cain (HERO OF THE IMPERIUM!) novels, so I'm in the mood of the strange. With how Part 13 shaped up, you're in for some actual adventure in the coming episodes, as Clint Corona goes on a quest to gather his five man band (well, three men, one alien, and the Friendly Peanut) and hunt down Dirk Gradient.

Exciting things on the way. I will have to find some sort of costume to wear when presenting the Clint Corona stories. Or I may just read them off while flashing pictures of me, in costume, in humorous poses sit upon the screen. We'll see. As I said: still need to sort out the software.

That being said, if any readers actually know of decent (and free) software for video editing...please let me know. It would be very helpful.



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