Monday, May 24, 2010

...when the hell did it become May?

...was my last post really in December? Jeebus.

Well. Umm...ok. recap.

When last we saw our intrepid hero he had finished a semester of library school, joined the Masons, written a novel, engaged in an EPIC quest to somehow discover the magic of video, and somewhere along the way decided that catering large parties in far off cities was a good plan.

How are things going now?

Not bad, I tell you what. Almost done my third semester at the iSchool, and things are looking up there. Was able to (happily) put away my student activism cap in the second semester, as things got better rapidly. Did a practicum that involved interning at the only science fiction special collection in public hands in North America, which was *AWESOME*.

Got back into playing Warhammer 40k, which has resulted in an awesome Imperial Guard army called The Last Canadians, which are now mostly painted (a few infantry I'll probably never field and a bunch of tanks I just look at and groan with the idea of the effort that will be required), and a Dark Eldar army which are...mostly not painted. Will start up in Fantasy again once the new book comes out, probably gonna do Vampire Counts. Plans for making my Heroes and Lords sparkle was vetoed by pretty much everyone I pitched the idea to. Nobody has a sense of humour anymore.

(speaking of humour, I'm still apparently teaching Blogger how to properly use the Queen's English and not the ridiculous Deweyisms that strip out the silent letters)

Video! Well, as my listeners know (well, ok, I haven't done a show in a while, been too busy with school) I am your radiotelesymphonic god, airing on Radio Dead Air with "Epic Background Fail". However, I am on the quest to crack the magic of video. For too long have I stared at the folks over at like the monkeys from 2001 staring at the monolith. Occasionally I'll throw a rock at the screen and wonder why the people don't notice. Well, with the kindly offered assistance of Mike Dodd (This Week in Geek) I will be attempting to discover this amazing technology, and then shall engage in my most ambitious telesymphonic project yet:

The Deadliest Badass

See, for too long have people used the Camarilla wikis to make grandiose statements about their PCs. They have developed reputations based entirely on rumours that they themselves have written, and quotes attributed to NPCs who never existed. Well, its time to take the hype, take the ridiculous rumours and quotes, haul it kicking and screaming out of context, and ask that all important question: Who. Is. Deadliest?

We're putting the list together now so that I can actually start writing some scripts, and I need to start contacting people to play the roles. Then, technology and filming, then technology and editting...then I unleash myself onto the internet.

The benefit of this is that it will mean I'll *finally* have the infrastructure necessary to create my book show, which I think I've finally settled on calling "WARNING! Reader's Advisory!" The show will, as previously noted, consist mainly of me critiquing and pointing out the bizzareness of various novel series. I think I can pretty much devote an entire month to just sampling the vampire romance genre, the Valdemar novels could probably take another month (easily), and of course let us not forget that I'll have to devote an episode each to the Jon Shannow books because David Gemmel crammed so much crazy into those pages I can't do all three books justice in 20 minutes.

Oh...what else?

I have a paper to submit to the faculty quarterly on the development of science fiction in the 1930s and 40s, which the prof whose class I submitted it for suggested (well, she suggested I submit).

I went to the Merril Collection's writer in residence program, where Karl Schroeder read the first chapter of Requiem for a Fictonaut, my novel. And liked it. He had a few points to make about some of my more self conscious attempts at humour, but really enjoyed it and seemed to think overall it was pretty strong. So I have some work to do, editing it, which I'll spend the summer doing. I also have another novel in the works that should hopefully get started in the next few weeks once I really nail the pacing down. If all goes well I should get down the first drafts of two novels this year. Which makes me happy.

Oh...and I'm still holding to my pledge from September: I am not re-reading any novels. Everything is something I haven't read before. Its going well.

That about wraps it up for now. I should be posting here more regularly now.



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