Monday, November 01, 2010

Somewhere you all should visit

Ok, so I just got involved in something and I think you should all go take a look. I was convinced to get involved with Red Ribbon Reviewer, where video reviewers will wear red ribbons in all their videos in December to help raise awareness about HIV and AIDs.

Take a gander. Its also a great site for links to all your favourite reviewers on the net, including a bunch of folks at That Guy With The Glasses, Diamanda Hagan, and...err...myself. Heh. *cough* Anyway.

No new video this week. Class is eating my brain. However, will have a new library issues episode up next week, and I'll try to get the Ghost of a Chance review up in one form or another as a middle-of-the-week thing. Dunno how many of you watch my show, but I really encourage you to do so. Mainly because I want to get people to watch and enjoy, and give their opinions on the whole thing.



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