Monday, June 14, 2010

You know what I need?

I need to find some way to turn a flip phone into the awesome phone they use on the Global Frequency pilot.

...which then appeared several years later as Lex Luthor's remote control on Smallville. Yes. I pay attention to these things.

See, I've been using the Global Frequency ring tone for...oh...the better part of three or four years now. Since back when I first got my Razr. Well, I'm back to a flip phone again. So...hrrrm.

I have many pieces of technology. I have been preparing them for some time, just for making a prop. What shall I make? I know not, but I desire to have myself an awesome phone. We shall see.

Oh...on the prop front, I'm slowly building the costumes for the later episodes of WRA. I've edited down the script for the first episode, and filming will commence on Wednesday. Hopefully it'll be out next week. Also found someone to lend me a copy of Twilight so I don't have to be embarassed by buying it. I expect the awful. I hurt myself for you, dear readers. I am an intellectual geek, biting off the head of the literary chicken with a chaser of crushed fictional glass.



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