Tuesday, November 09, 2010

We are experiencing technical difficulties...

By which I mean that MovieMaker has decided to be a whiny bitch and stop publishing movies properly. I'm working to rectify the situation through another program which may result in a significantly higher production value for the show. ...Three episodes in.

See, my grand scheme was actually to produce the first 11 episodes in Windows MovieMaker while I learned the ins and outs of CS4, then *BANG*, slam in the 12th episode (closer for Season 1) with some expertise in the program and some awesome effects.

It seems that fate had other things in mind for me. With that said, episode 4, Ghost of a Chance is recorded and in theory already edited together. Once I get CS4 running (probably tomorrow) I'm hoping I can get it out fairly swiftly. I may skip over the library issues segment for November and jump right into the Jon Shannow novels, as I have a few ideas for them that I actually want to get out there right away.

So yeah, watch this space over the next few days, and hopefully I should have the new episode up which features more Nachzehrer and a special appearance by Great Cthulhu himself.

Be seeing you.


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