Sunday, October 31, 2004

Greek is a hard language

Classical Attic Greek is a VERY tough language. There are five cases (Nominative, Genitive, Dative, Accusative, and Vocative), which can be both singular, dual, and plural. Furthermore, they can be persent, past (imperfect), or future. The typical Classical Greek sentence is more or less structured in order of adjectives and nouns, with a dispersal of definite articles, in descending order of the list above. Then the verbs are at the end. Needless to say, its confusing. Now add in the fact that definite articles can sometimes completly replace nouns in a way that is almost impossible to describe in English. An example: "the (nominative singular femine) [woman] hit the (dative plural masculine) [men]". Then there's the fact that, lacking a Locative case, Greek divides it between Genitive, Dative, and Accusative. Now throw in the fact that the verb "to teach" has somewhere in the realm of some 40 or 50 possible conjugations. Thankfully there are only two main verb forms, omega-stem and mu-iota-stem, so you generally just learn conjugations and declentions by learning single words.

With all this is it any wonder that I'm failing the course?

This is Halloween

This IS Halloween. It's the season for costumes, and far, far too much chocolate.

I picked an obscure costume this year. Y' opposed to a near non-existant costume. I'm costumed as Rebis, the Negative Man, from Grant Morrison's run on "Doom Patrol" who, incidentally, looks like the classic portrayel of the Invisible Man. I've got something like 15 feet of tensor bandages, wrapped around my head, with sunglasses, olive green shirt and trench coat, black jeans, and black steel toed boots. I went last night for the various college Halloween parties, and apparently I am incredibly scary to drunk girls in this costume. I DO end up looking more like the Invisible Man than Rebis, but eh...whatever works. Freaked some gals out, and there were quite a few that wanted to pull my mask down to see who I really was.

Tomorrow (tonight really), I'm going to a Mage: The Ascension Live Action Roleplaying game run by The Camarilla where I'll be wearing my costume as well. I play a snot nosed, over-confident media hacking anarchist, so part of the aspect of my costume is 7r4d3m4rk (his handle and the name most Mages use for him) being an ass and getting to be smug that no one knows who he's really supposed to be.

I'm doing some premature pondering for next Halloween, and wondering if I can work out some sort of Terry McGinnis/Batman: Beyond costume. God, that's gonna be hell.

An introduction

So, introductions...

I'm 20, attending the University of Toronto, majoring in Classical Civilizations and English Literature. I'm a fanatical RPGer and comic book fan. I work part time as a gardemange (cold food, appetizers and deserts, etc.) at Il Posto in Toronto's historic and upscale Yorkville.

That's about it for history.