Tuesday, April 24, 2007

University Naming Conventions

It is my personal belief that all university buildings should be named after people. Preferably dead people. Preferably profs or prominent academics.

I should have classes in the...I dunno "[random geology prof] Hall", not the "Earth Sciences Building". I mean, I live in "Margaret Addison Hall" (the other residences on my campus being Annesley Hall, Burwash Hall, and Rowell-Jackman Hall). I love that word "Hall"...it just makes a building sound so...so UNIVERSITY, I guess. Then again, I grew up reading Gordan Korman's "MacDonald Hall" books (about a private boarding school for boys), so I guess I've always associated the word "Hall" with academia.

Similarly, words like "House", "Theater", "Institute", "Centre", and "Library" are all good suffixes for university buildings. You shouldn't call something a "[somethingorother] Building"...that's just frickin BORING. Its so modern and annoyingly utilitarian that it hurts.

That is all.


Monday, April 23, 2007

Moving In

Ok, first off: I'm not happy with this new version of Blogger with Google. Mozilla HATES it, and refuses to actually allow me to see what I'm typing...plus it randomly crashes.

The problem here is that my content varies depending on the program and browser I use. Its just a psychological quirk, but its annoying as all hell. Not a big fan of IE. Never have been. So being forced into bed with it here is aggravating me.


Anyway, pater and I moved everything into my condo today from the storage locker in Oakville. Said locker (well, lockers) is now empty. The condo is now actually hospitable (thanks mainly to the Rogers guy who came 'round and hooked up my cable and internet), and largely full of books. We assembled the my desk and book shelves (after spending nearly 2 hours hunting for the bag of screws, bolts, brackets, etc. so we could put the damn things together), and the whole setup looks pretty swanky. We also got the TV, DVD, and stereo hooked up, so I got to sit around on the futon and watch wonderful cable TV for an hour. MY cable TV. I no longer have to share the damn idiot box with anyone. It is a very liberating feeling.

The place is still a mess, though. Boxes and books everywhere, not to mention that the bedroom needs a good steam clean and there are some laminate boards missing due to water damage. I've also been finding MORE shit that the previous tenants, renters it turns out, left behind. Grrr.

But I'm settling in. And it looks like things, at least on the appartment front, are at least going well.

The rest of my life, however, is plotting to stress me into a hernia. But exams end this week, and CAiNE is over (report to follow), and then its just work, game, and that's about it.

At least I'll have plenty of timeto write some MUCH overdue Way Down stories.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

T-minus 17 hours till CAiNE and Counting

Well, not quite. I have to get up at 8am tomorrow. So I can go to the airport to catch my 11:22 flight out to Vancouver, so I can go to CAiNE.

My sleep schedule is looking to be something like this:

Thursday Morning: Go to bed at 1-2am. Get up at 8am.
Friday morning: Go to bed at 1-2am. Get up at 8:30am.
Saturday morning: Go to bed at 2am, get up at 9am.
Sunday morning: Go to bed at 2am, get up around...eh...9-10am.

Not as bad as ICC, however. Sunday morning: Go to bed at 6am, get up at 10am. Attempt to cope with emotional day on 4 hours sleep. Yay!

Its gonna be fun, but tiring.

Good news is that I've been able to fit all my stuff into two bags. So I won't have to go through baggage check, which will speed the whole process up CONSIDERABLY.

All going well, I should be able to make a few posts and con-updates from the hotel. This CAiNE is gonna be...fun. Yes...fun. I just keep telling myself that, and hope my head doesn't explode on Thursday or Friday at Mage.

When I get back, I'm going to start the Way Down up again, along with a more regular posting schedule. The first chapter or so of an all new Adelaide Fetch caper should be ready to go by next Friday.


Sunday, April 08, 2007

I can tell its Easter, my essay has risen from the dead

"He died upon the cross, I thought that I was free
Finally people would get to
know me for me
This was my big chance to
finally get ahead
The next thing you know
he's rising from the dead"

-Jesus' Brother Bob, The Arrogant Worms

I can tell its Easter. My Anthropology paper has risen from the dead. Not only that, just like good old Josha bar Jehova (remind me some time to tell you about the weird pitch and ideas I put together for a P.I. comic set in Florida called "Joshua B.R. Java: Messiah For Hire"), its not only alive again...its BIGGER than before. It went from a dinky little slightly confused 300 word introduction to a whopping, slightly grandiose, 700 word intro. To a paper that is no longer than 3000 words. That's right, boils and ghouls, Uncle Bard's writing an introduction that is, theoretically, nearly 1/3rd of his paper. I am a bad bad man who has read too many anthropology journal entries.

Ah well. I'll trim it down come Monday.

I leave you with another humorous Jesus quote, this time courtesy of Paul di Fillipo's run on Top Ten:


Monday, April 02, 2007

New desktop

I got a new desktop. It expresses my consernation with some aspects of the DCU.

Dance, bow-tie boy, dance!

Stuff 2

Took posession of the condo today. It's going to need some cleaning (ok, a LOT of cleaning), and for some reason the previous tenants left me with a lot of weird stuff. A brief inventory that I took while I was there checking things out:
-1 old Hoover vacuum (VERY used)
-three cans of house paint and various painting supplies
-1 cutting board, wood, HUGE
-1 quarter bag of frozen strawberries, age and quality dubious
-1 unopened pack of "feminine menstral cramp heating pads"...I think I may actually see how large they are, and in what shape...if the heating is decent enough, I may use them on my shoulder or knee when they get stiff (though I think I'll change the packaging)
-two tea-light candles in glass cubes filled with stones and Spanish moss
-one end table
-three Japanese hanging lanterns
-1 hanging line of star-lights (Christmas decorations gone wrong, I swear)
-1 bathroom scale
-1 bar of soap (VERY used)
-1 cannister of...some kind of facial cream (Neutragina or something like that)
-1 almost-done roll of toilet paper
-1 box of Kleenex
-2 mirrors, rectangular, aprox. 2-3 feet high by 1 foot wide
-1 travel mug, unopened in original packaging
-1 EXCEEDINGLY dirty stove (I swear to god, people, clean out your bloody appliances before you leave!)

God only knows who these people were, I never met them...but they cleared out in a right hurry! Didn't even do a quick clean of the stove, fridge, or floor. Ah well.

Mine now!


Girlfriend is going home for...an extended period. We're not sure how long. As long as it takes, really. Won't go into why, but suffice to say we're still together...just seperated by a couple provinces for a while. I totally understand why she's going, and I support her for it. But...its still tough, emotionally I guess.

This whole romance thing has been pretty fast. We started dating at the very end of October, on Halloween no less, and things have gone pretty well. I never really thought it was possible to love someone this much, or this quickly...or for them to love me back equally. But that's how love is, I guess. Sneaks up on you.

So this week will be the last time I see her for a while. Then it'll just be email, IMs, and the occasional incredibly short phone call. And, eventually, she'll be back, and then we'll see how things go from there.

Love's a funny thing, love is.