Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Four Hours of Unemployment

So I walked into work today and they laid me off. I mean, literally. Didn't even wait till the end of the shift.


BUT the chef told me there was another restaraunt looking for people. Where I'll make MORE money. And get more hours.

So I went down there a few hours later.

Within four hours of being fired I'd found a new job with better pay. I start tomorrow. Hell've a thing.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

A new favourite line

"I have decided to investigate the astrological signifigance of our gun turrets."
-Grebulon Leader, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Quintessential Phase

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Not to say "I told you so", but...

Went for a long walk in High Park with Caitlin today, and broached the question of whether or not she thought we were dating. She said that she didn't think so, and she just thought of us as friends.

So, Jason...hah! Overthinking saved THAT social faux pas.

Still a good friend to have, and I don't have many who aren't gamers and who are good for going for long walks with and just talking. Haven't had a friend like that in a very long time. Its actually kind of refreshing.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Red Gifts

Father and stepmother returned from their trip to Russia yesterday bringing...*gasp*...Communist presents!

Actually, overall its pretty cool. A handcarved Russian chess set, a KGB vodka flask (complete with Lenin's head embossed into the top of the cap, and CCP engraved into the bottom), and a funky looking bottle of vodka.

I like vodka. Its one of the few hard liquors I drink regularly. Parents gave me a bottle of Chopin they weren't using (that had only had a shot or so taken out of it), which filled my freezer with vodka. Seriously. I have the big bottle of Chopin, a smaller bottle of Smirnoff Raspberry, and a bunch of little 50ml bottles of various flavors of Smirnoff, and a little 50ml bottle of Level. The funky looking bottle won't fit in my freezer, so will probably wait, along with the unopened bottle of apparently VERY high quality grappa, until I move into an appartment and get a bit fridge and freezer. The only non-vodka in my freezer is a 50ml bottle of Limoncello (Italian lemon liqueur) that I drink from time to time. Can't bring myself to buy a FULL bottle, in large quantities the stuff is so powerful its disgusting, but in little sips its pretty good. Goes really nicely to spice up lemonade.

I've found a new favourite drink: vodka and pomegrante. Had a shot of Chopin in a small glass of pomegrante juice. Good for my heart AND tasty. Actually, I'm happy with that bottle of red juice. I found a good brand, one that doesn't make my mouth pucker with bitter hatred.

Speaking of gifts, mom's Easter parcel finally arrived. Full of chocolates (LOTS of chocolates), and The Mel Brooks Collection (a boxed set of 8 Mel Brooks movies: Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, History of the World Part I, The Twelve Chairs, To Be Or Not To Be, Silent Movie, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, and High Anxiety), which I've been enjoying for the past few days. REALLY funny stuff. Mumsy and I are HUGE Mel Brooks fans, so this is a real treat. And TOTALLY something I would never buy for myself.

That's really it for intersting news right now. I haven't written anything in a while. Its kind of disturbing. I need to finish doing SY plotting and get onto starting to plot out another project that I have an interested artist for.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Went to Toronto on Thursday to see Caitlin. We went around a bit, went to the Hairy T (she'd never been before, which really surprises me), then just walked around Eaton's Centre talking, down through the PATH network to Union, where she had to grab a train back home to get to some tutoring. Met up with her a few hours later for dinner, and learned that I should never order goat again (they give you all bones). Had a GREAT time, and we talked for quite a while over dinner and the walk back to Museum station.

Why I never ask my parents for dating advice:
Me: "Well, I think it was the third date, I don't know if she thought it was, though..."
Mom: "You should kiss her next time."
Me: "Aren't you supposed to ASK people about things like that these days?"

Maybe I'm just prudish, or perhaps just skittish, but I'm pretty sure that you ask people before you do something like that these make sure that you don't wind up on the wrong end of a slap, punch, kick, or sexual harassment lawsuit.

Its also possible that I'm just overthinking things.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The 4400 are the Peterson Specials (SPOILERS)

Huh. It all makes sense now.

I just finished watching the first part of the season 2 finale of The 4400. Its TIGHT.

Basic premise: all the 4400 start getting sick, so the government tries to round ALL of them up, arrest them, and throw them back in quarantine. Some resist and refuse to come. The sickness inhibits their powers. But there's this scene at the 4400 Centre where all the security guards and staff have linked arms to keep the NTAC agents out...then just part to let them in.

Maybe its the X-3 residue, but I kept expecting three innocuous looking 4400s to step out from behind them and open up a can of super-powered whupass.


It turns out that all the 4400 have a unique chemical in their bodies called "promison". And that NTAC has been injecting them with something called a "promison inhibitor". To quote Berkoff: "I don't know what 'promison' is, or why you'd want to inhibit it..."

Which actually explains a lot. Promison seems to be exactly like the hormones produced by a Nova's Mazarin-Rashroud Node, which is to say that its the catalyst for change in the 4400 that give them their powers. And the inhibitor might be what's causing those without powers to not manifest their abilities.

...thus once the inhibitors are removed, I figure the 4400 are going to turn into the Peterson Specials at the end of the first Rising Stars arc. Everyone gets powers. I could be wrong, but...I dunno.

Makes me want to re-read Aberrant and Rising Stars.