Friday, October 12, 2012

Would you watch this? (Prospective show idea)

So for those who aren't aware, I am a cook by trade.  Sadly its HARD to find a librarian gig these days, so at the moment I'm falling back to the profession I've worked in for over a decade.  My co-workers are well aware of my show, and quite supportive.  One favourably compared me to the Angry Video Game Nerd...which made me feel quite good about myself, given that James Rolfe is one of the godfather's of this crazy little industry.

The chef has today threw out an idea to me, and...I've got to admit, if I could pull it off it might be really cool.  But I want to gauge interest in it first.

Not sure what to call the show, but it would be a half hour weekly series.  100% original content.  Not a review show.  Not even a talking about pop culture show.  Its a restaurant show.  The idea would be to film the line and the pass of our kitchen on a busy night, film the prep area leading up to service, and then film the crew's antics at the local watering hole (a bar a few blocks from the restaurant) afterwards.  It occurred to me that a show like this doesn't really exist at the moment; that every show like it (Hells Kitchen, etc.) is about trainwrecks and staged events, as opposed to the natural action of a kitchen.

Now...this wouldn't be an easy undertaking.  I've been looking at doing a REALLY solid hardware upgrade for a while now, and this would be a push for it.  Boom mic, better camera, better tripod, new computer.  I would also, of course, have to get the written consent of the owners of both the restaurant itself and the bar, as well as all of the staff involved.  Not necessarily easy there, but certainly with some real potential.

Is there interest in this sort of show?  Do people think that its feasible?  Would YOU watch it?  More importantly, would you convince your friends to watch it?

Please let me know.  I appreciate all feedback, and I am seriously gauging if there is an audience for this.

Be seeing you.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

DAGON (Warning! Readers Advisory!)

The Summer of Lovecraft continues with another film by Stuart Gordon and Brian Yuzna. This time its a fish-tastic feeding frenzy as we take a look at the horrific, unsightly, and down right WEIRD film called...