Wednesday, August 03, 2005

New comic idea


Combining Japanese suicide pusher cults, manga cafes, and homeless Yakuza gangsters.

Yes, I am now creating comics solely by going through my file of saved internet news articles and putting three random concepts together.


Anonymous Jason said...

I don't see how that's a bad thing...

I mean, I'd read Suicide Yakuza, so...

2:09 p.m.  
Blogger Bard said...

Well, I figure that I'm going to try a Quentin Tarantino-style of comic. Something that's high on action, high on massive gratuitous violence...and throw some plot in as well.

Working on the 9 panel really is turning out well. So far the character's main defining characteristics are a Yakuza tattoo and the fact that he steals people's wallets and ciggarettes when he goes into their houses.

2:13 p.m.  
Anonymous Jason said...

9-panel and Tarantino-style do not fit well together in my mind.

I'd be curious to see what you turn out, when it's done.

5:40 p.m.  
Blogger Bard said...

Eh, it kind of does. 9-panel is thought of as the "cinematic" style, at least as Ellis tells it. Its a nice style to work in, though. Its also good for advancing a visual story...though I think I'll be playing with some more extreme variants of it when fights start. But it does provide a LOT of variety when it comes to uses of squares and rectangles.

5:46 p.m.  

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