Wednesday, July 27, 2005

There's 6 quid I won't soon see again

Ok. Message to everyone.

Do not, under any circumstances, do NOT see the movie Dark Water. it is an hour and fourty five minutes of pure crap. It drags on. And on. And on. Minor plot elements and cliched family problems are used to obfuscate the fact that the movie's plot could be resolved in the first 30 minutes of an episode of CSI.

Yeah...the movie is a shitty mix between ghost story and CSI. Actually, its not even worth 30 minutes. The movie compresses down into the opening 3 minute teaser to the episode where they find the body and Grissam, Sarah, or Stokes gets a witty remark over the corpse.

So how is this simple plot drawn out for 105 minutes? Simple. Add in as much cliched family divorce drama as possible, give very vague suggestions that the main character was abused as a child, and add in a host of useless characters in scenes that make absolutly no sense and don't seem to add anything to the plot.

This movie was a waste of my money and encompassed a total of two hours of my life that I won't see again.

Don't see it, for the love of god.

The only way to redeem this movie would be for the Orpheus Group to kick down the door halfway through and chase the horrible spectre monster around the building. The fact that the main character is killed by said creature at the end of the movie for NO reason...I mean literally its out of the blue and serves no purpose in the plot, just made things more confusing and made me pray more for Orpheus.

Kill it, killit now.


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