Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Grammaton Clerics won't get me at my job!

I have lost all ability to give a damn about my job at Sharkey's. I have two shifts left, and I cannot find it in myself to care about my job performance, my uniform quality, or 99% of my co-workers. The only things actually causing me to come to my shceduled shifts are a sense of responsibility, and professional pride. That is why I will put out food of good quality, and of good appearence. Because I have pride in my work. I have no pride in my job, nor do I give a rats ass what happens there

This fact suddenly struck me tonight when I realized that I could do whatever I wanted, get fired, and because I'm a full time employee they'd still have to give me two weeks notice...but since I only have two shifts left that's pointless. I mean...I won't. But I could.

Meh. I just don't care. Which is good, because it means that the Grammaton battle clerics won't come and kill me with their gun katas. Every cloud has a silver lining!


Anonymous Jason said...

Wait... They have to give /you/ notice before /they/ fire /you/? Doesn't it usually work the other way around?

5:49 p.m.  

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