Monday, July 11, 2005


Ok, remember a few months back when I griped about the Fantastic Four trailers?

Well, they got me. I went to see it. And I was happy.

To be honest, its a solid superhero movie. Not as solid as, say, Spider-Man or X-Men, but still solid. The opening stuff leading up to the bridge scene had a very fast paced Ultimate feel to it, with a lost of cool shots and the like. But the pacing was good. I was really happy with the pacing, in fact. Doom honestly took his time getting his scheme together, and it WAS a classic Doctor Doom scheme.

I think this Doom worked a little better than Ellis' Ultimate Doom, but that was only because we got to see his hatred of the Four grow as his appearence degenerated. The electrokinetic take on him was neat, as it was directly related to his armor, just as Sue's invisibility was directly related to her forcefields.

Finally...I think they captured the dynamics of the Fantastic Four quite well. Reed comes off like he does in the books, especially the Marvel Knights 4 stuff. He's contemplative to the point of annoyance, becuase he's too busy checking every little detail to get off his ass and DO something. Ben was abrasive, but sensitive, and always on edge about his appearence. Johnny was...well...Johnny. And Sue was Sue, albeit I saw Jessica Alba slip a little bit of Max (from Dark Angel) in here and there. She didn't have the same body language, but her previous superhero experience slipped in here and there.

Overall, it was quite good.

Current thoughts on casting for an Authority movie:
Angela "The Engineer" Spica --> Jessica Alba
Jack Hawkesmoore --> Ben Browder


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