Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I'm actually succeeding. I'm about a day behind schedule due to how hectic Sunday was (got up, went to work, went to game, got home at 2am), but I've so far managed to pound out my Marvel submission letter, about a thousand+ words for the setting history for the Werewolf: the Forsaken domain stuff I'm working on, and I've written another few pages of Excelsior.

I'm really getting to enjoy writing Matt Noblem. He's great fun to play, and I think that the character has really developed from my original concept stuff that came up for AlexanderLambert's Wild Talents game a few years back. He's evolved from an angry, sullen teenager who'd rather write comics than live under his father's shadow to his own character. In fact, the Aberrant stuff completly eliminates the heroic legacy of Kyle "Nobilis" Noblem altogether, focusing on how Matt defines himself as an individual, as a writer, and as a nova.

The one problem that I'm having is timing and pacing. The first issue has a lot of talk, and not a lot of plot. Its just initial character development that starts off really fast paced, but slows down in the middle with a lot of heavy dialogue to set the stage for future issues. Or, more to the point, to give things that I won't have to explain in future stuff. The problem also rears its head in where to set the story in the Aberrant timeline. Matt is an N-Day+5 Nova. He erupted less than a week after Galatea, which means that I have to fast track the plot to even get somewhere remotely close to the base starting point of 2008 where the game's corebook begins. So I'm considering doing some Planetary style work and hopscotching around the timeline, or possibly just skipping large segments of history and using important points as storyarcs. Because I sure as hell am not going to try to put together some 120 issues, even assuming that each issue perfectly chronicles one month of Matt's life.

Once the first issue is done, I hope to push myself to finish it by week's end, I think I'll give it to a few friends to edit, and then post the final edit for mass consumption. Then either keep writing issues of it, or switch onto a project that I may be able to sell some day, like Ascent, PB, or even some sort of coherent script for the Phone-Booth Zombie.

Oh, and my suposition about writing was correct. I work much better in indirect sunlight, or some decent shade, than I do in my bunker of a room at night. My creativity is solar powered. Remind me to track down the perverse deity who gave me a photosynthetic muse.


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