Saturday, June 18, 2005

My new Promise To Myself

I'm going to write AT LEAST 1000 words each day until school starts in September. The blog does not count.

My hope is to force myself, by any means nessecary to break out of this current cube of writer's block that I'm in. Can't seem to shake it...though frankly I blame it on lack of sunlight. I can't seem to writer clever whilst in my bunker-like room in the basement. Must get thoughts elsewhere.

There are two and a half months left till September, that's roughly 70-80 days. I could write a fucking novel in that time period. I could write 6 or 7 full 22 page issues. I could write my goddamned submission letter to Marvel.

That sounds good. I'll do that one tomorrow...and then write something else.

Time to chase the muse in a race car.


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