Saturday, June 11, 2005

The Bard's Photographic Art


"When I came upon the child of god he was walking along the road, and when I asked him where he was going this he told me: He said 'I'm going down to Woodstock and I'm gonna join in a rock'n'roll band. I'm gonna live out off the land, I'm gonna set my soul free.'"-song who's name I can't remember by people whos names I can't remember
(This is one of my favourites. The setup just worked SO well. That's a road up near my family's cottage, and it just frames things perfectly.)


"And far away in Sommerset, God and the Devil are now playing chess! The Devil still cheats and wins more souls, and as for the Lord? He's just doing his best!"-Chris de Burgh, "Spanish Train"
(I think this picture would look a lot better if Keith WASN'T looking directly into the camera.)

The Duke in Exile

Not really sure what the explanation for this one is. But there's a humorous story behind it. This is actually from the second take of this photo. Becuase I forgot to load the goddamned film the first time. This was a problem throughout the day, and resulted in me missing several very amusing pictures that I thought I took. But other than that...its Ian, in the window of a Starbucks, in a business suit, wearing elf ears. We had to convince the Starbucks that this really was part of an OAC art project before they'd let us shoot through their window.
(This one's kind of grainy, unfortunatly, and the window did lots of weird things with the pictures...but you can just see the ears poking out, and Ian's hair gives him this weird, kind of unearthly look. I quite like this one.)

There'll be more over the next few days. I have to remember the names of some of them first, lol.


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