Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Spring cleaning

Dear god. I can see my floor.

I did a bunch of cleaning today. Well, not so much cleaning as organizing. Once and a while I like to get REALLY organized. So today I vaccumed my floor, and then went about doing just that.

My closet is now usable. Everything is neatly stacked towards the far end of my closet (my "closet is probably about a quarter of the size of my dorm room...though in terms of height thing Being John Malkovich...but at least it has low overheads), and I moved some stuff around so that everything fits in the three big boxes back there. I can finally get to the drawers in my book shelf/dresser there now.

Its amazing how much SPACE I've managed to get in here. I mean, the room itself is enormous. I've seen bachelor appartments that are smaller than this.

And it fits all my books. My THOUSANDS of books.

I also found my old Visor PalmPilot. Which I'm not trying to get to synch up to my laptop again so I can load the snap-n-type keyboard application onto it, thus allowing me to use it on the go, like when I go to Toronto for work, or when I go off on a day trip in England and can't bring my computer. I mean...its a useful little gadget, if I could just get the keyboard set up with it.

The Palm, combined with my USB pen (compliments of my father, with its 30MB storage capacity) and my iPod means that I have plenty of space to carry info around in England without directly bringing my laptop with me.


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