Sunday, July 24, 2005

Bound for Europa (11:24pm EST, in the air for 1 hour, 10 minutes, ETA 6 hours)

JULY 18, 2005
Written on BARD'S PalmPilot

Well, I'm in the air. Finally. Today was hellish, as I rushed from chore to chore to finish up the last few services nessecary to make this trip feasible. But I got it done, though sadly without a farewell blog post. Hopefully I'll be able to shoot this off from a pub or an internet cafe or something.

My headset for the plane doesn't work, nor does my reading light. Hell, the entire right-hand console that controls my entertainment for this flight has conked out on me. The flight attendants go back and forth explaing that an ever ambiguous "she" is working on the problem. Then again, they might have meant that a Sidhe was working on it, which never bodes well. The bloody elves were never good with anything more hightech than a blacksmith's forge.

Currently having thoughts about a book about an assasin with a prosthetic arm that he hides his weapons in. Sounds like an anime concept, really. Not a cyborg, but damn close.

I've finished Jill Thompson's "The Dead Boy Detectives", another one of her Sandman-inspired manga pieces. Thompson never ceases to amaze me, I gotta say. Its nice stuff, and its light, and funny, and it gives me ideas for manga scripts, though Tannis over at the Hairy Trantula assures me that manga scripts have no real panel design. I may turn that into an argument between Excelsior and his colleague, the Paper Princess, at some point.

No brilliant ideas so far. Reading "A Clash of Kings", though I have a feeling that I'll probably switch over to Bendis' "Jinx" once I've eaten whatever vile trans-Atlantic swill is to be shoved before my face today. I see a lot of Indian and Arabic people getting special meals, presumably vegetarian or halal...and damn, do they ever smell good,. Sometimes I've pondered creating bizarre dietary restrictions for myself just to fuck with the airlines and get better food.


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