Sunday, February 05, 2006

Oh yeah, and 26 hours ago I turned 22

February 4th is my birthday. I worked my ass off at Il Posto Saturday morning, then tromped out to Oakville for dinner at the Keg. Didn't get loads of presents, this year has been a bit light in that department, but all's cool. I liked what I got. So I'm happy. Second season of Hogan's Heroes, "The Talented Mister Ripley", and Clive Barker's novel "The Thief of Always".

Mumsy is sending something in the mail. Along with various grandparent envelopes containing cash money. Huzzah, money!

Also, signed up for a $371 comic writing course in March taught by Ty Templeton. So looking forward to that as well.

This birthday turned out pretty OK. But I could have used some more beer and less work. And maybe some partying.


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