Sunday, August 07, 2005

Half Eagle and Half Child

Not the start of some bizzare Kipling parody.

I ate the Eagle and the Child twice today (pictures forthcoming). Food was surprisingly good, though the place is more than just a touch touristy. But its sort of a prideful touristy, like they're very proud that prestigious authors ate there.

Food was, yes, decent. Had bangers and mash for lunch, which had a nice onion gravy that I suspect is made from powder. No matter, they were still quite nice. Had the Sunday roast for dinner. It was several levels above my aunt's. Overcooked to the point of falling apart, the gravy was nice, but probably also from a packet. Yorkshire puddings were surprisingly light and crispy, very close to what Kath over at the farm made that day we had steak pie for lunch. Had a half pint of Strongbow to accompany each. It really is better over here.

Finished lunch with a chocolate cheescake, which was...good. You don't find a lot of really good cheesecak at restaraunts, mainly due to the fact that most pastry chefs outside of the higher class places either buy their's from a central distributor like Dufflet, or overcook the poor things till they're dry, mushy, and tasteless. This was different. It was VERY chocolaty, and baked perfeclty...if it was baked at all. I'm not sure, but I suspect it might have been chilled rather than baked. It had almost that sort of consistency to it.

For dinner I went out to a small franchised creperie and had crepes citron, which is crepes with lemon juice and sugar. I became addicted to them in Paris half a decade ago, and you just can't seem to them done properly outside of Europe (the UK included). It takes just the right amount of fresh squeezed lemon juice, and just the right amount of coarse sugar. Damn. These ones are good.

I'll be going back to the Child at least a few more times before I leave. The food's affordable, as far as pub fair goes, the atmosphere is nice, and the food is tasty. Barring me finding anything else interesting, I'm claiming the Eagle as my pub of choice for the duration of my stay. Goodbye franchised Irish eatery, hello classic Oxford.


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