Sunday, August 14, 2005

Saturday LARP

Did Mage and Requiem on Saturday.

Mainly just Mage, as in Requiem I just NPCed a large variety of human wait staff.

Mage was fun, though. My semi-NPC was USEFUL. Mainly because I think I was the only character in the group who had combat skills. So when the thirty school kids and their teachers all pulled machine guns and told us to be getting down on our knees, I calmly turned to the ST and said "I'm waiting for a distraction. And I'm biting my lip, and sucking on the blood. Once the distraction comes, I'm spitting some aggravated blood in the matron's face."

Well, the distraction came in the form of the Etherite's orgasm ray (don't ask). Which quickly resulted into the Technocrats being incapacitated (don't ask). Which allowed me to Prime blood the matron, then knife her to take down the group's leader. Then narrowly avoid getting shot by the...busy...students (don't ask). Then finally knocking out another of the Technocratic agents as she refused to let go of one of our Traditional companions as we tried to drag him of (please, dear god, don't ask).

Then the church fell on them (did I mention this all took place within a church?).

I believe one of the Men in Black outside was heard to say: "Bloody Progeinators. Control's going to eat whoever planned this op alive. Tom, you've got some rubble on you." "So I do. Thanks, George." "No worries. Do you mates fancy a pint?"

And now Joshua le Blanc, questor for the Holy Grail, soldier, Celestial Choruster, and sometimes-pilgrim is stuck with the London Mages, working with them to save the world.

I kind of wish it had been 7r4d3m4rk with them. He'd have been MUCH more useful in the main area that they lacked influence (media). Still...Joshua's fun.

I missed Dark Ages and Star Wars LARPs today becuase I was just too tired, and it costs $25 to get into London, plus tube costs. Plus food. So I'm just sticking around Oxford today. Got some sushi from Pret-a-Manger (who's sign looks more like "Pretamancer"), and some crappy chocolate cake, and some elderflower presse. That was lunch. May go over to the Eagle for dinner, since it seems to be one of the few pubs serving dinner on Sundays.

I may also try the Lebanese place. I've eaten Indian a grand total of four times in the last few weeks, I don't go out for Italian anymore, and if I do Chinese I'll go to one of the nice looking buffet places...which probably aren't doing Sunday buffets. So...yeah. That basically just leaves pubs and hotels, and if I go to a hotel its going to be for tea. I can't seem to find any French places around here that aren't just creperies.

I'm pondering going to the movies. Or perhaps not. I may save up for when "Unleashed" (with Jet Li) is released at week's end.


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