Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Cookies By the Kilo

There's this place in Oxford's covered market called "Ben's Cookies". I think its a franchise of some sort.

They sell cookies, as is obvious from the name.

But their cookie marketing scheme is not the typical one of many other fast cookie houses. Not for them is the bussiness of $1 chocolate chip cookies, or $1.20 double chocolate cookies. No no. Ben's marketing scheme is unique.

They sell cookies by weight.

And these are BIG cookies. Not big to the point of being a whole meal, or being too big...but just right big. Big so that you feel satisfied after eating your mega-cookie extravaganza. They have, like, 9 different variations on the chocolate chip cookie.

And they're priced by the kilo. One kilo of cookies is 12quid. Two cookies is 2 pounds 20 or so. That means that two cookies is exactly 1/6th of a kilo. A kilo of COOKIES!

For some reason I think I will very much miss Ben's Cookies when I go home. They're just...wonderful. Freshly baked, moist, gooey in their chocolatey center. You just can't get shit like that in Canada...at least not without some searching.


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