Sunday, February 12, 2006


Dan Bereton (of Nocturnals fame) wrote a book about daikaiju (Japanese for "giant monster"), and you all need to go out and buy it RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

Its damnably good. I mean just...damn. Bereton turns a part of Bay Area California into frelling Monster Island! Toxic gasses and 26 different creatures who live and survive there, each with its own very unique appearence, feeding habits, activities, powers, and personality. And then the United States government gengineers a 9 foot tall half-daikaiju monster hunter named Jack to go get rid of them.

Its really quite a nice book. As usual Bereton's artwork is beautiful and evocative with that really nice ephemeral quality that made Nocturnals so cool. He's still working in water colors.

The story's very well written and wraps things together quite nicely. I love that Jack was trained by an anime freak who using Godzilla (and other Japanese giant monsters) movies as "instructional training videos". And then gave Jack a katana, really a nodachi (but the guy's nine feet tall!), made from a monster's tooth, and Jack goes out into the wilderness to hunt.

It really brings me back to my childhood of watching rented videotapes (no DVDs back then, no sir!) of a dubbed anime called "Inhumanoids". Very similar. All I really remember, though, is a storyline where a monster (they were all from below the Earth's surface) called "Decompose" got a cult together and turned them all into zombies, who then went off and reenacted Night of the Living Dead. So when I saw the Giantkiller monster, Zomm, I laughed with glee. Giant monsters are cool. Zombies are cool. Giant monsters who make zombies are double-plus cool!

So yeah. Go grab a copy of this trade. It contains the original 6 issue miniseries, a 28 page "monster guide", and Bereton's sketchbook. And its a steal at $20 CDN. I couldn't believe how cheap it really get your money's worth!


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