Sunday, February 12, 2006

One final note today

DELIVERY is done. Well, the script at least. The 36 page script adaptation of my 5000 word short zombie story is complete, and the first draft has been sent off to the artist for his approval. 'Camera's been real good so far with it. He's liked it so far, and his comments, suggestions, and editing notes have been quite true and quite useful. We're collaborating very well, and have high hopes.

I'm eventually going to find somewhere I can store the scripted two pager that 'Camera (not sure he'd like it if I used his real name yet) drew based on the original PBZ script I wrote. Its real nice...especially the zombie. He did this Tales from the Crypt-style much more gruesome than what I was thinking. Its beautfil. Brings a tear to my eye.

Anyway, I gotta find a place that can take the bandwidth to display both pages first. Then I can post them for all to see (which 'Camera gave me permission to all's well).


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