Sunday, February 12, 2006

A wonderful show of floor spirit and brotherhood from MAHII

Its nice to know that in 3rd year university people can still be counted on to deface anything you put any effort into.

Such as choosing several comics you thought your floormates would find humorous, and putting them on your door. Or the surprise birthday decorations people put up while you were at work on Saturday. Or the lyrics to a favourite song that you wanted to share with everyone.

Its nice to know at university that people cna still be counted on to tear the shit out of these things.

Its like I never left highschool. I swear to god. These people haven't grown up. Its the same juvenile shit. Always.

It was such a good night.

Margaret Addison Hall, floor 2, has once again gone out of its way to show the true meaning of floor spirit: picking the least sociable person on the floor, and fucking with them.



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