Sunday, February 12, 2006


So I signed up on the Yahoo 360 beta. Its a blog interface. Kind of interesting, lets you throw a lot of info onto your front page and its free with having a Yahoo account. Not sure I like it, the big blocks of text I can lay down for all to see on Blogger seems to work better for me.

BUt I figured I'd get in on the craze.

So...Hear the Voice of the Bard! is now up over at 360. Not sure if I'll bother to keep it up or not. At the moment I'm just playing around with the interface and seeing what I can do with it. We shall see.

Incidentally, there are 1000+ people who like Firefly over on 360. Only 3 people, however, put the Global Frequency pilot episode in their "TV Shows I Like" profile thingy. Funny, huh?


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